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Videos: Finding, Inserting, Embedding

There are three ways to do this. The first two ways are much easier, but specific for Youtube. The third way will work for other video sources, like Vimeo and news network sites. 

To add a  youtube video to an article using any of the methods, start off the usual way to create an article. 

If you know the url for the youtube video:

Get the 11 character unique video code from the youtube URL, after the = equal sign

So, for this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY it would be kypl1MYuKDY

Next, go to CommonsSearch and select youtube.
Then click on ADVANCED
That opens a field to paste that code into. Paste the 11 character code in
Click search
The one you want should be the first search result.

Select it and it will be inserted AND the image from it will be usable for the front page. That automatic use for the front page is the reason to use this approach rather than the embed approaches below

CommonsSearch Approach when you don't know the URL of the youtube video you want. 
1-click on the commons search icon (screen with arrow) 

2- select youtube

3- enter the exact title of the youtube video, and, if you know it, the youtube channel (case sensitive)

4- that should bring up the video. Click on it, select it and the system should do the rest. This is the easiest way. 

EMBED CODE APPROACH (requires pasting)
To get the embed code from the youtube video. Click on the "SHARE" button to see the embed code below. (This will often work with videos from other sites too.)

Do not select the frames option from youtube. 
DO select the privacy option. 

Copy the embed code from youtube.

CLick on the HTML icon at the tool bar at that top of the Site text entry field. (The little blue button that says HTML on it.) 

Paste the embed code in the position in the article where you want it to appear. 

Sometimes it's hard, when looking at the raw HTML code, to see where to put the embed code. To make it easier to find where to put the code, amidst all the other article code, before clicking on the HTML button, before opening  the HTML field, I will, at the place I want the  video to appear, add a string of 15 or 20 of the same character, like, 


That string is easier to find in the HTML box. Then, I'll highlight the string and replace it with the embed code. 
When you've added the embed code, click on the submit button for the HTML field.