FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Images in Articles

Using Images & Photos: A How, Why, & Where Tutorial (3. Filling in Attribution Fields)

Caption: This is where the image caption goes.  It's always a good idea to use one.

Owner Name: The "owner" of this image is Public Domain. I added "courtesy of Wikipedia.org" to be nice (that is not required in order to be legal. But the Wiki is a fabulous, free source that many of us use often, so it only seems right to give them credit if we want to continue to use them as a source.)

On Flickr, for example, each image has an owners name and that would go here.

URL of Owner's Page: this is a page URL about the owner of the image. It is NOT (necessarily) the page with the image on it. It describes the person or organization that owns the image. (Maybe you?)

URL of Image Page: This is the page URL where the image was found. If it was uploaded from your hard drive, you can leave it blank.

License: this describes the license for the image. A list of license types may be found at: http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/

Notes: anything else you wish to say about the image, specifically regarding it's copyright and ownership.