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Working with Images in Articles

Image Crediting: 2. How to Determine if an Image is Not Free to Use

Q: When I search for images, I go to http://images.search.yahoo.com/search and I use the search terms "free image" along with a search term or terms about the image I am looking for. Aren't all the images that come up free for me to use?

A: Surprising as it may sound, the answer is no. In fact, MOST of the images that come up with a search like that are probably not free for you to use. The reason for this is that your search for "free" will also return many "royalty free" images. A royalty free image is not a free image. Royalty free images are images that you pay for, but they do not require an additional royalty fee in order to use them, ie they can be used over and over for no extra charge. (Images that are NOT royalty free are paid for by each use, ie if you use the image twice, you might pay twice as much to use it as if you only use it once.)