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How To Publish Your Own Articles using the Article Publishing Tool

The article publishing tool is designed to make it easier to to submit YOUR ARTICLES (and only your articles) to Commons Search. You first install the tool by going to https://www.commonssearch.com/populum/bookmark.php and following the instructions there to create a bookmark (or "favorite") in your browser.

Then you use your browser to go to a place where your own article is previously published. And press the bookmark ("favorite") in your browser. This will show you a screen that has a button that reads: Are you submitting this as a Quicklink or an Article?

When you press the Submit As Article button, (and you are logged in to Commons Search) you will immediately find yourself at the Article Submission page with the title of the article already filled in (plus the description.) And the author of the article will be indicated as you! (Thus, you may not use this tool to submit someone elses article.)

Next, you copy/paste the text of your article. And then continue with the normal article submission process from there.