Membership With Commons Search

Here's a list of benefits for you when you become a Premium Member.

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Some examples of benefits you get when you become a member of Commons Search:

* Select image sizes other than the default size

* Select images by Date Range

* Select from a list of Premium Galleries

* Remove Watermarks from Image Selections

* Results of Search will not show links to commonsSearch

* Image attribution overlaid (like watermark) on final result

Commons Search allows unlimited free searches and three free full results selects per month. If you need more than three results, we have many paid options. We also offer Advanced Search and Filtering options for paying members.

Commons Search does not sell images. We sell the convenience of finding images, videos, and tweets with permissions filters that you set, plus the time and click savings of pulling together, easily, of all the owner information, link and attribution/permission information. That's why the fees you see below are for "Selects."

Here's how it works: You do a search. Add filters, like 3 days old (to get recent events) and possibly a channel name for youtube. Find the image, video or tweet you want. Click on it. That's free so far. You can look at a bigger version of it, with a watermark on it, with the details of the caption that came with it. You can modify or create your own caption.

When you click the Select button, that clears the watermark and adds the code for you. You will get the code you need to put the image with all the attribution info into your own content. Or, if you are using one of our widgets for popular Content Management Systems, the Select will go right into your contents.

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